Our Youth Staff is a dedicated team of young people working to save the planet who refuse to remain silent while our futures are put at risk. We are committed to global action on the climate crisis and coordinate with young people around the world to further the fight for climate justice. Each member of the Youth Staff strives to give Earth Uprising their expertise in a particular geographical location or discipline to help with the growth of our movement. Our Youth Staff recognizes that the time for action is now, and invite you to join our Uprising.

Alexandria Villaseñor

Co-Founder and Youth Staff Coordinator

Ale Reyes

Co-Founder and Art Coordinator

Anisa Nanavati

Co-Founder and North American Ambassador

Ciara Lonergan

Co-Founder and Logistics Coordinator

Jean Hinchliffe

Australian Ambassador

Kevin Mtai

African Ambassador

Meadow Cook

Indigenous Ambassador

Mohammad Ahmadi

Co-Founder and Communications Coordinator

Ritvik Janamsetty

Co-Founder Digital Coordinator

Sofía Hernández

South American Ambassador

Supriya Patel

Co-Founder and Partnerships Coordinator

Wendy Gao

Co-Founder and Finance Coordinator

Yasmine Mabene

Social Media Coordinator