Earth Uprising College is an initiative we are spearheading that seeks to uplift the voices of college students as they seek change both within and out-of campus.

This is our initiative to develop college-based Earth Uprising student groups around the world. “Earth Uprising College” has three main focuses:

  1. We’ll advocate for increased climate education at the college level. We’ll campaign for new Majors and Minors and for climate integration into existing programs and courses.
  2. We’ll initiate new divestment initiatives around the world, and amplify those initiatives already underway. We won’t stand by any longer while fossil fuels fund, and influence, our education systems!
  3. “Earth Uprising College” will provide a path for college students’ involvement in humanitarian and United Nations work. The current response to climate-fueled disasters is inadequate! Even though our generation did not create this angry out-of-control Earth System, we are the generation that will care for one another in the storm! We’ll bring youth to the world’s negotiating table, uplifting and defending those impacted the most by the climate crisis.


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