Earth Uprising’s #MyUprising Campaign seeks to empower activists to take action against issues that affects their communities by providing resources to amplify and scale their actions.

During 2020, we will be working with our Ambassadors and Coordinators from all over the world as they build out their local youth groups to target the impacts of the climate crisis that they face in their own backyard. For this campaign, we’re providing a suite of tools and resources to support youth taking climate action in their communities. We will help youth take action in five different ways:

  1. Local government lobbying.
  2. Community presentations, educating others on the climate crisis.
  3. Advocating for climate education in our school administrations and school boards.
  4. Unique direct actions and protests.
  5. Participating in Fridays for Future and the global climate strikes.

For “My Uprising”, youth community leaders will choose how they want to take action on the climate crisis, and create their own local uprisings. Earth Uprising will elevate the #MyUprising actions and stories of youth around the world!