We are happy to announce Earth Uprising’s newest campaign: QuaranTEA! It is a video series that will feature Earth Uprising activists from countries around the world who will talk on each episode about issues within their own countries relating to the climate crisis (policy, agriculture, energy, pollution, social aspects, the youth climate movement, and more…), and also about how they are dealing with situations brought on by the current pandemic whether in their personal lives or activism. The discussions will be facilitated by EU Youth Staff members.

Not only will these episodes be informative, but they also will be interactive and fun! They will feature things like questions of the week, surprise guests, challenges that featured activists AND the audience can participate in, and an overall engaging and intriguing (and at times funny) dialogue between activists.

The goal of this series is to highlight the voices of our activists and also the issues that their countries face in regards to the climate crisis. Often, we tend to generalize the effects of and the solutions to the climate crisis but in reality, every region and country faces different challenges and is affected in different ways. Even though we are united in a global effort to stop this crisis, activists have to adapt to the circumstances of their respective countries, target distinct issues, and use different methods to create change. We believe QuaranTEA will be an entertaining and educational experience for our viewers and help inspire and motivate them to start taking action within their own areas, even if we are amidst a worldwide pandemic.


Earth Uprising Country Chapters


May to July 2020


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