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The next generation of climate activists won’t be underestimated

September 25, 2019

This is a short excerpt from a Well+Good report on the September 20th Strikes and includes a testimony from Ciara Lonergan, Earth Uprising’s Logistics Coordinator.

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Despite the enormity of this effort, the activists didn’t stop there. This week, Thunberg and 15 of her peers filed a lawsuit against Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, and Turkey—five of the UN member nations with the highest carbon outputs—claiming that their failure to meet emissions targets is violating children’s human rights. Local climate strikes continued to take place all week, while a second large-scale global strike is planned for Friday, September 27.

It’s easy to see why so many kids and teens are fired up about the environment right now. They turn on the news and hear scientists say civilization could collapse by 2050 if we don’t hit zero carbon emissions in a decade. They’re living through unprecedented heat waves, floods, fires, and droughts. While older generations may assume they’ll be gone before the worst impacts hit, the under-18 set is seeing their future disappear in front of their eyes. They recognize that not enough is being done to reverse the course we’re on, and they’re refusing to sit back and let it happen.

“Today’s youth does not have the luxury to have a childhood anymore,” says Ciara Lonergan of Earth Uprising, another youth climate organization involved in the Global Climate Strike. “Older generations forced us into giving that away by destroying our planet. But if we strike now, if we work to undo the damage done by those before us, then maybe we can restore that luxury for the generations that follow us.”

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By Erin Manger, “The next generation of climate activists won’t be underestimated,” Well+Good
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