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Earth Uprising Details the First Week of #ClimateStrikeSummer–the Media Strike

June 27, 2019

Planet Earth, June 27, 2019: The first week of our #ClimateStrikeSummer has arrived, and this week we will be striking against the Media. This week’s strikes call on the news media to effectively cover the climate crisis, one of the greatest threats facing the Earth right now. In April of this year, journalists Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope wrote “The media are complacent while the world burns”. Journalists are now leading a campaign to #CoverClimateNow, therefore, Fridays for Future is joining the call to action, and will use this strike to demand more climate crisis coverage from the news media.

This strike is a part of #ClimateStrikeSummer campaign, sponsored by the global, youth-led organization, Earth Uprising International founded by 14 year old climate activist Alexandria Villaseñor, will demonstrate that the youth are demanding system change, NOT climate change, from the greatest contributors to the climate crisis in modern society. For 8 weeks this summer, beginning this Friday and continuing every Friday until August 16th, #FridaysforFuture movement strikers will be targeting their weekly Friday climate strikes towards 8 different sectors of society requiring deep transformation to address the climate crisis.

Here is WHO we will be striking against, WHEN we will be doing it, and WHERE are doing it. We only included a list of some of the bigger strikes this Friday; this is NOT a comprehensive list. The list is ordered alphabetically by city, and times are listed in the cities’ respective time zones. We will update this as new strikes get added:

Boston, Massachusetts: WCVB, WHDH, WBZ-TV, WBTS-LD, and WFXT

  • Time: 2-4 pm
  • Location: On the Corner of Sudbury and Cambridge Street
  • What: WE NEED YOU to come out to the corner of Sudbury and Cambridge Street in Boston from 2 PM to 4 PM to help us get our point across. Climate change is real, but media corporations seem too caught up in simple matters rather than this global crisis. We demand the Boston media (WCVB, WHDH, WBZ-TV, WBTS-LD, WFXT) spend more time covering the climate crisis. This strike is led by our City Coordinator, Ciara Lonergan.

Charlotte, North Carolina: 

  • Time: 8:30am-1pm
  • Location: Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center (600 E 4th St)
  • What: Students and adult allies will strike as a part of Earth Uprising’s Climate Strike Summer Campaign. Participants aim to educate passerbys, visitors, and those employed at the government center about the climate crisis and the weakness in media coverage around the issue. Led by 14-year-old Mary Ellis Stevens, the strike’s organizer who will be striking for her 15th Friday. Strikers will draft a letter which will be reproduced and sent to major local news stations detailing the necessary improvement around climate coverage.

Greensville, North Carolina: 

  • Time: 3-4 pm
  • Location: Pitt County Courthouse (W 3rd st side)
  • What: Greenville and surrounding areas youth will strike to demand for the climate crisis to be covered like it should be. The youth of Greensville, led by our City Coordinator Abe Gobellan will strike in solidarity with the other strikers around the US and globe in spreading their message.

Midland, Texas: Midland Reporter-Telegram

  • Time: 9-11 am
  • Location: Infront of Midland Reporter-Telegram, 201 E Illinois Ave 
  • What: Joins us for our first strike in Midland, Texas! We will gather in front of the Midland ReporterTelegram from 9:00 to 11:00 am. The youth of Midland led by our City Coordinator Estrella Villarreal will strike in solidarity with the other strikers around the US and globe in spreading their message.

New York City, New York: Fox Headquarters

  • Time: 2pm
  • Location: Fox Headquarters
  • What: Join Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion NYC, and Earth Uprising in demanding Fox News cover the climate properly. Fox News spends a significant time covering the Climate, but the majority of the coverage is filled with lies and misinformation. This is why we are striking Fox News this friday. This strike is led by our very own founder, Alexandria Villaseñor.

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Chronicle 

  • Time: 9-11 am
  • Location: In front of the SF Chronicle, 901 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103.
  • What: The youth of San Francisco, led by our City Coordinator Sarah Goody will strike in solidarity with the other strikers around the US and globe in spreading their message.

Tampa, Florida: Fox 13

  • Time: 3:30-5 pm
  • Location: In front of the Fox 13 headquarters, 3213 West Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida, 33609
  • What: We have now planned our first climate strike summer event! we are going to protest at the fox 13 news station. we want more in depth reporting of climate change from our media sources! climate change is happening and we cannot deny it anymore. we need our media sources to ally with and educate us! come and strike with us! everyone is welcome! This strike is led by our City Coordinator, Anisa Nanavati.

Washington DC: Fox News Affiliate in DC

  • Time: 2-5 pm
  • Location: 400 N Capitol St NW
  • What: This Friday, we are DEMANDING more climate crisis coverage from the media by striking a Fox News affiliate for their misinformation and lies about the climate crisis. The address is 400 N Capitol St NW, we’ll see you there at 2 pm! This strike is led by our City Coordinator, Wendy Gao.

Washington DC: Washington Post

  • Time: 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Location: Start Farragut Square at 5:30 pm and march to the Washington Post and stay there till 7:30pm
  • What: Join us this Friday to tell the media it’s time to tell the truth about the crisis we are facing. The climate emergency will touch every facet of every person’s life, and it’s our right to be informed. Until we treat this like the emergency that it is. We will not be able to fix the damage we have caused. Join us in the fight for our futures. We will meet at Farragut Square @ 5:30pm and March to the Washington Post @5:40pm and strike until 7:30pm. This strike is being led by DC Youth Climate Strike and Extinction Rebellion USA


#FridaysforFuture is the global movement sparked by Greta Thunberg. More information can be found at

More information about Earth Uprising is available on our website.