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Earth Uprising Strikes Against the Plastics Industry and Excessive Use of Plastics

July 18, 2019

Planet Earth, July 18, 2019: The fourth week of our #ClimateStrikeSummer has arrived, and this week we will be striking against the plastic crisis. This week’s strikes bring awareness to the impact plastic manufacturing and pollution has on the climate system. This year, plastic manufacturing and incineration will create more than 850 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions! Plastics now make up more than 60% of ocean debris and a startling new study showed how micro plastics are saturating deep ocean environments. To address the climate crisis, we must address the plastic crisis!

This strike is a part of week four of eight of the #ClimateStrikeSummer campaign and will demonstrate that the youth are demanding system change, NOT climate change, from the greatest contributors to the climate crisis in modern society.

Here is WHO we will be striking against, WHEN we will be doing it, and WHERE are doing it. We only included a list of some of the bigger strikes this Friday; this is NOT a comprehensive list. The list is ordered alphabetically by city, and times are listed in the cities’ respective time zones. We will update this if new strikes get added:

Grand Rapids, Michigan:

  • Time: 12 PM – 4 PM
  • Location: Grand Rapids City Hall
  • What: The youth of Grand Rapids will be protesting against plastic pollution and the energy it takes to produce plastic products. They will eventually do a walking protest.

Greenville, North Carolina:

  • Time: 9 AM – 10 AM
  • Location: Greenville City Hall
  • What: This week the youth of Greenville will be doing striking in solidarity with youth around the world with Climate Strike Summer and Earth Uprising against the degrading impacts of the plastic crisis.

Midland, Texas:

  • Time: 4 PM – 5 PM
  • Location: Midland City Hall (300 N Loraine St)
  • What: Join the youth of Midland with Earth Uprising in this week’s plastic strike! We’ll be at Midland City Hall (300 N Loraine St) from 4PM-5PM.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

  • Time: 10 AM – 11 AM
  • Location: 801 Market Street
  • What: Bring signs, strike in front of the office building of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

New York City, New York:

  • Time: 9 am – 11 am
  • Location: In Front ofUN Headquarters
  • What: Join our founder, Alexandria Villaseñor, and New York youth as they strike in front of the UN every week against the lack of enough climate action being taken by the UN and its member countries.

Tampa, Florida:

  • Time: 12 PM – 4 PM
  • Location: Clearwater Beach
  • What: The youth of Tampa will be hosting a beach cleanup followed by strike! Being in a coastal area, we see the impacts of the excessive use of plastic on our communities and coastal ecosystems.

Washington D.C:

  • Time: 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM
  • Location: The Plastics Industry Association (1425 K St NW #500, Washington, DC 20005)
  • What: We are partnering up with Friday’s for Future DMV to protest in front of The Plastics Industry Association to let them know that what they are doing will not be tolerated any longer. They are trying to expand the Plastics Industry when it needs to be diminished.

Los Angeles, California:

  • Time: 3:30 PM
  • Location: UCLA Near Unilever Building


More information about Earth Uprising is available on our website.