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Meet the young Climate Strikers planning to protest on America’s capital

August 22, 2019

This is a short excerpt from a report on the leadup to the Washington DC September 20th Strike and includes a testimony from Wendy Gao, Earth Uprising’s Finance Coordinator.

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Earth Uprising is another national organization that has entered the scene this summer, founded by award-winning climate activist Alexandria Villasenor. Wendy Gao, the D.C. chapter lead, spoke to Climate Tracker about her group’s involvement in preparing for September 20th.

“I don’t think the public really sees [what goes on behind the scenes],” Gao said, before proceeding to name some common issues of contention during the preparation process. “We’ve had so many disagreements over things like where we want to hold the strike, if we want it to be a march or just a big strike, how long we want it to be, where we want it to start and what we want to name the strike. It’s just been so chaotic with so many different people coming together.”

Naturally, each group has a slightly different focus and mission to steer their climate action. Gao described her organization’s focus as amplification of the youth climate movement through education campaigns. “[Earth Uprising] thinks that there is a big educational gap with the public and the current climate crisis,” she said.

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By Emily Zhao, “Meet the young Climate Strikers planning to protest on America’s capital,”
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