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16-yr-old from Chicago explains why he is joining the Climate Strike

September 17, 2019

This is a short excerpt from Mohammad Ahmadi’s, Earth Uprising’s Outreach Coordinator, op-ed to Front Page Live.

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Ever since I was little, I loved the environment and the planet and was always searching for ways to learn more and express my passion and desire to help fix issues like pollution and deforestation. But as I started learning about climate change, I knew I couldn’t stand and watch while my planet was being destroyed. For years I searched for opportunities to get involved and to make a difference and just in the past summer, I found them, 3 of them, and I have worked hard to make the biggest impact I can.

This movement’s foundation has been the strikes that started with one girl, Greta Thunberg, and that have spread to other countries, happen weekly, and attract a good amount of people. But on Global Climate Strike days, the world comes together: from people who know almost nothing about the movement and who have just started to learn about the climate crisis, to those who have felt a deep calling to stand up for their future and planet in every way possible and to not stop until the crisis is over.

Millions have joined us and we have already been making an impact: showing politicians and corporations that we have a right to a safe and liveable future and forcing them to make systematic changes and to take action to fight the crisis that their generation failed to prevent.

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By Mohammad Ahmadi, “16-yr-old from Chicago explains why he is joining the Climate Strike,” Front Page Live
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