We are a team of young people who want to save the planet.

Scientists have told us we have less than 12 years to act in order to avoid some of the worst effects of climate change. Our earth system is rapidly changing and the effects on our planet, our ecosystems and on humanity are devastating. Our ice caps are melting. Sea levels are rising. Heatwaves and droughts are increasing. Wildfires burn hotter and faster. Extreme rainfall and flooding are increasing. The extinction rate has accelerated to an unprecedented level and nearly 200 species are going extinct every day. Our planet is dying right before our very eyes.

We youth will bear the greatest impacts of climate change. Our lives will be very different from the lives of our parents and grandparents. We will be the first generation to witness the devastation the older generations have brought upon our planet.

Youth climate activists from all over the world are uniting to take action and demand a better future for ourselves and future generations. Even though many of us cannot vote, we can make our voices heard! We have started Earth Uprising to support and hasten the youth climate movement while providing resources and opportunities to educate one another about the climate crisis. We want action and we want it now. We are impatient and it is our time to lead. Join Us.

Our Principles

  1. We are youth committed to global action on climate change. Our #1 demand is that world leaders urgently act in order to keep our planet below 2 degrees Celsius of warming.
  2. We listen, believe and act on science and scientific facts.
  3. We demand equity to be at the core of all climate change solutions.
  4. We recognize that climate change doesn’t respect the geographical boundaries humanity has created, therefore we think and act globally.
  5. Our words and actions are non-violent always.
  6. We honor, respect and stand in solidarity with other groups fighting for the same causes we are.
  7. We are inclusive of all ethnicities, genders, cultures, and backgrounds. All are welcome.
  8. We acknowledge that the smallest action can have the largest results. All actions are important regardless of their size. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.
  9. We recognize activism is work, and we commit to having persistence, endurance, and staying power. We never, ever, ever give up.
  10. We are led by youth and supported by adults.